Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Universidad La Salle students traveling to Wichita.

People awaiting the Universidad La Salle students' arrival at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport.

Student Exchanges

  • Friends University and Universidad La Salle (CancĂșn) annual educational exchange program

Sister City Delegation Exchanges

  • Tlalnepantla deputy mayor's delegation to Wichita (2004)
  • CancĂșn official delegation to Wichita (2007)
  • Wichita mayor's delegation to Tlalnepantla (2008)
  • Official visits by the Mayors of both cities, along with their delegations, continue on an annual basis,

Cultural Exchanges

In May of 2003, the first group of three cyclists and a two-man support vehicle arrived in Wichita on bicycles. They rode 1,642 miles in 13 days for the love of this sport and to be in our River Festival Parade. In May of 2004, the group returned, this time with four cyclists and 2 men in the support vehicle. Three of the cyclists, Arturo, Luis and Jose, ran the two-mile race in the River Run the following day, and Arturo placed 24th in the race.

On May 27, 2004, we celebrated a very special relationship with this city and one of our residents. Twelve years ago, our board sent Paul Enegren, then a junior in high school, to spend a month in Tlalnepantla. He loved his host family and they loved him. As he was preparing for his wedding, he invited two of his former host brothers to be in his wedding and they accepted, bringing with them their spouses and children. In all, twenty-nine people from Tlalnepantla came to Wichita to attend the wedding. Our board hosted a reception in honor of those wedding guests.

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