Thursday, April 24, 2014
Orleans, France and the Loire River
FranceL'Association Orléans-Wichita (OW!)
  L'Association Orléans-Wichita (OW!)

L'Association Orléans-Wichita (OW!) held its inaugural event on Thanksgiving Day 2008 in Orléans, France. Wichita sent both a Wichita and an American flag as a surprise gift to OW! for this opening event.

OW! was organized to assist the mayor's office in Orleans to increase relationships between the two cities and to develop ties of friendship between citizens of all ages. Marie-Helena Taquet, the first President of Orléans-Wichita, visited Wichita February 26-March 6, 2009. The purpose of her trip was to visit the city sights and to promote social, cultural and educational exchanges between Orléans and Wichita.

The members of OW! meet each month to speak English and discuss various aspects of American culture and in particular that of Kansas and Wichita. To learn more about OW!, please visit the L'Association Orléans-Wichita (OW!) website.

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