Friday, April 18, 2014
Orleans, France and the Loire River

Wichita music students in Orléans.

Charles Kirgo of Orléans working with Habitat for Humanity in Greensburg, KS.

Student Exchanges

There have been 18 student exchanges since 2003 consisting of 60 students - 32 from Wichita to Orléans and 28 from Orléans to Wichita.

Music and Dance Exchanges

In May of 1996, the Wichita Chamber Chorale performed as ambassadors of Wichita for the Joan of Arc Festival in Orléans, France.

Friends University Ballet Department and the Friends University Jazz Ensemble have had exchanges with Orléans. Check out the posts from participants in the Friends University Jazz Ensemble Blog.

Wichita Wind Ensembles has toured and given Sister City performances in Orléans.

In 2005, Chamber Music at the Barn offered scholarships to 4 music students at le Conservatoire d'Orléans to attend "CMB Rocks!" music camp. The following year, the city of Orléans hosted 4 Wichita music students at the Loiret Department music camp. Both sets of students spent 4 weeks in each other's cities.

During the summer of 2008, one Orléans student volunteered at Habitat for Humanity. Upon his return to France, his father reported that the generosity of Wichitans surpassed any expectations and that his son felt the experience of participating in the Habitat house was very rewarding and a way in which he could give back to the people of Kansas.

Book Exchanges

The Wichita Friends of the Library have provided funds to assist with an exchange between the libraries of Orléans and Wichita (September 2005).

Sister City Delegation Exchanges

A Sister City delegation from Orléans came to Wichita in December 2003. Wichita was under a blanket of snow, which made their visit to Botanica's Illuminations even more magical. During their visit, each delegate met with a business counterpart to discover similarities and differences between our two systems.

In September 2004, another delegation came to sign official documentation commemorating the 30-year Sister City relationship. They also participated in the celebration of the 100 Year of Flight at the Kansas Aviation Museum.

Culinary Exchanges

Chef Matteo Taha, Bella Luna Café, was able to take advantage of rounding out his culinary training in Orléans.

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