Thursday, April 24, 2014
Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden in Kaifeng, China
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  China Committee

The China Committee is made of members of the Wichita Area Sister Cities who have a particular interest in China and our sister city, Kaifeng.

The committee meets approximately once a month. Refer to our calendar for meeting dates.

The committee is involved in planning and holding various events including fundraisers. The money raised is used for scholarships given by the Wichita Area Sister Cities to students of foreign language.

In July 2010, three teachers traveled from Wichita, to conduct the first phase of the Teacher Training Program. The objective was to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to more than 450 Kaifeng teachers. They were trained in using methodologies common in teaching English. This training was supplemented with conversation and phonics instruction.

In July of 2011, one teacher traveled to Kaifeng to conduct the second phase of the EFL program. The target audience was 30 selected teachers from the Kaifeng school system. This training session also addressed methodologies, phonics and conversational instruction. The purpose of the second phase was to allow the selected teachers to conduct the same EFL training to a larger audience of Kaifeng teachers, with the Wichita staff acting in support. 

A third phase of the EFL program is scheduled to occur during 2012. This phase of the program is structured to allow selected teachers from Kaifeng, who have participated in Phase I and II, to act as the primary instructors for the rest of the collective assemblage. Upon receiving a formal reuest from Kaifeng, one individual from Wichita may attend this phase of training, to act in support of the instructors. 

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