Saturday, April 19, 2014
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 Who to Contact

For more information, contact:

De Eaton

(316) 683-6436

 Available for Download

To apply, please read the cover letter and complete the reference and application forms.

  Scholarship Committee

Scholarships are awarded annually to area students for the purpose of further studying a foreign language in one of our sister cities.

All recipients are recognized by the Mayor at a regularly scheduled City Council Meeting, which is held each Tuesday morning at 9:00.

Scholarship monies are the direct result of fundraisers by the volunteers of Wichita Area Sister Cities.

"Wichita and Orléans have a long history, because of that relationship, they feel a kinship to help Americans, collectively. The people of Orléans are now seeking to assist the victims of Katrina. This is just one example of how Sister Cities relationships make a difference in the world." Mayor Carl Brewer (2005) commenting on the scholarship assistance provided by Orléans to New Orleans students after Hurricane Katrina.

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