Monday, April 21, 2014
Wichita downtown skyline

Wichita Area Sister Cities (WASC) is a non-profit organization which began as a seven-member board called the Sister Cities Advisory Board, which were persons appointed by the Mayor and City Council members. Soon afterwards, the Friends of Sister Cities, Inc. was formed. These two groups worked closely together during Official visits, providing translation, transportation, homes for our guests and more.

The Sister Cities Advisory Board and the Friends of Sister Cities, Inc. merged in 2002, becoming the Wichita Area Sister Cities Board.

The members of Wichita Area Sister Cities are lovers of cultural exchange, sharing common enjoyment from our sister cities and their heritage and people.

The only paid position is that of the Secretary, who is Secretary to the Mayor and City Council. All other positions are held by volunteers.

WASC is paired with OrlĂ©ans, France; Tlalnepantla, Mexico; CancĂșn, Mexico; and Kaifeng, China. Each group is represented by a committee.

Many exchanges have been arranged between Wichita and her sister cities. You can read about these on the Exchanges pages for each committee.

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